PATH of 2015

Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015

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(the PATH Act) – 12-18-2015


Here is a list of key provisions.

Made permanent:

  • Enhanced Child Tax Credit
  • Enhanced American Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Enhanced Earned Income Tax Credit
  • IRA-to-charity — California automatically conforms
  • R&D credit
  • IRC §179 — enhanced
  • Above-the-line educator deduction
  • Sales tax deduction
  • Built-in gains holding period
  • Enhanced mass transit and parking pass benefits
  • Enhanced exclusion of gain on sale of small business stock



Extended through 2016:

  • Qualified tuition deduction
  • COD principal residence exclusion
  • Mortgage insurance premium deductible as interest
  • Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit


Extended through 2019:

  • First year bonus depreciation on automobiles
  • Bonus depreciation — phases out
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

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