IRS Delays Tax Season For the Second Season In A Row

This past week the IRS announced they will be delaying tax season for the second year in a row. Based on the government shutdown, the IRS feels they can not be ready to start accepting returns on January 21, 2014 and must push out the start date a week or two. Some groups including the NCCPAP feel this is ridiculous as there have been no tax law changes and are taking appropriate actions to have tax season start on time including appealing to the IRS to do so…but don;t hold your breath on that.

Based on the politics of the nation changing regularly, tax preparers might want to be ready for anything when it comes to timing this 2014 tax season. There is still a chance that the government will shut down again after the holidays if Congress can not come to agreement on the the debt ceiling and Obamacare, so tax preparers should keep apprised to our site and to the IRS site in order to help their clients the best.

irs delays

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