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Zip Refund benefits many types of businesses and we work with you to set up a preparer at your location. Some popular businesses that benefit from our fast refund service are listed below:


Convenient stores Grocery /Convenient Stores- set up a small area in your store and reap the benefits. These days people are barely getting by and as soon as they get their tax refund they will be in need of necessities and to stock up their cabinets. Let it be your store they shop at! The more benefits you offer your customers the more reason they will shop at your store.


Car Dealers- An average tax refund is between $2500 and $5000. Many people use their refunds for large purchases and a car is one of the top things that people need and buy. Our clientele have jobs and with a good down-payment are perfect clients who will easily qualify for a loan. Raise your sales during tax season.


Apartments Apartment Managers- Offer your current renters a service that will make their life easier. Collect delinquent rents and create another source of income. A sign outside your complex that says you do taxes can also bring in new clientele to your apartment complexes.


Mortgage Brokers- People work hard to save for a home and you work hard to provide them a loan. With the first time homeowner's credit, there will be many more looking to take advantage of the good market. Use this service to make extra money doing taxes during your slow time. Market this to your current customers and get to know new ones. Take a step ahead of your competitors in today's difficult market.


Check Cashing Services- When a client receives a large tax refund- where do you think they will cash it? Life is about convenience. This two in one service at one place is more than convenient so add instant tax refunds to your check cashing business.


Brokers Payroll Companies- Offer another service to your current clientele and give your sales representatives reasons to make contacts with new businesses. Get in the door, earn extra revenue, and sign up new payroll clients all with one visit.


Small Business Owners- if you are looking to provide extra resources and free benefits to your employees, here is another way. Zip Refund will help you provide a free and convenient way to provide an extra benefit. Earn some extra revenue with your clientele being in your own office. Your employees will love it as it will be one less thing to do in their busy lives.

Contact us today to find out more about how to offer this free service at no cost to you. Zip Refund will set you up overnight to provide quick tax refunds. : Contact Info

Zip refund
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Zip refund
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